Monday, February 28, 2011

Carseat Cover and a Peak into my life

Enter my GiVaWay Here!!!!!!!!!

I am sure most of you have seen these.
 I made this one a little over a year ago.
I remember beacause I finished it the night before I was Induced to have my baby girl. 
I am a little bit of a procrastinator some days.

YOu must know I have two sons ages 5 and 3.
My little girl was a complete surprise!

I was not expecting to be pregnant.  I had just given her brother his one year old birthday party when i found out the news.

You see...My sister has a family of 5 boys and so it is a miracle....well to me,
that I got a sweet baby girl.  So lets just say  I  WANTEd  PiNK!

Materials you need:

1 yard of non-directional fabric for the top layer
1 yard for the bottom Non- directional
4 yards pom-poms
sewing machine
matching thread
5 feet ribbon
seam ripper in case of accidents

The reason i say non-directional is because I used the width of the fabric, 45 inches which is the average width.   So make sure you buy enough yardage if you buy a fabric with a that you dont want sideways. Put the fronts facing eachother and sew together.  leaving a space 5 inches or so to turn right side out.  Then Iron it out. pulling out all the corners which i usually cut the triangle out of the corners. sew the seam shut.  Then i added the pom-poms.
Next i layed it on the carseat. to determine the area to put the ribbon to hold the cover off the babies face.  I would move it slightly off the center point.  Then i would sew the ribbon on and your done!

AVERY, One year old.  I made her little hat.

Just a few days old.  I had to share her with you!

9 month AVeRy

My mother crocheted the blanket on the rocker.
thought i would share with you my little girls room. 

I had all un-matched furniture. 

SO i painted it all to match the bedding.
  I re-upholstered the chair and ottoman. 
I also found different letters for her name, sprayed them the colors of her name and so on.

I will do a larger post in the future about her room.

thanks for the link up!


  1. I LOVE your little girls room! So cute, unique and creative!

  2. This is so cute! I have to say Avery in the swimming suit is too cute. I really need to come down for a visit.

  3. That's so darling Heidi! If we have a little girl this time around, I might be calling you for tips!

  4. I LOVE her crib! Did you spray paint it that color? We spray painted our daughter's crib pink and she just moved to a big girl bed. Miss the cute pink crib.

  5. Oh, wow, thats very pink ;)
    You lucky girl... I was sooo much hoping for a girl too!!! But no way...


  6. Thank you all for your comments!
    Brook I didnt use spray paint on the bed but yes i did spray the paint onto it. I have a Industrial spray gun.
    saedi i would love to share ideas! ;)

  7. I want to know how you re-upholstered the chair....I need to do that as well to mine!

  8. Shalece-

    I was 9 months pregnant when i attempted this chair. SO i had my mother in law come and help me. what we did was take the chair apart in pieces make a pattern. You may need a seam ripper for that and then take the new fabric and sew it together. Its more intimidating than it is! Just start slow and do the smallest areas first.

    good luck!

  9. Cute nursery!! Thanks for linking up to Flaunt it Friday. :)

  10. Gorgeous! & I mean the little cutie, the crseat cover, the nursery! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I just had to leave you a comment--I too had two boys then a suprise baby girl (and her middle name is AVERY too) Anyway, isn't it fun to use pink? That carseat cover is adorable. I have one too--in pink and green :)

  12. This room is beautiful and I love that you painted the crib and rocker pink it looks so cool. I also love the wall and the name sign it is so pretty. I will for sure use some of these ideas when I have a girl. I am visiting from the somedays crafts link party

  13. Love the bold pink crib! I am bookmarking it for a future post maybe someday!


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