Monday, March 7, 2011

Project O.R.G.A.N.I.Z.E.

ENTER MY GiVeAwAy Here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what inspired the Organization.
 I bought this for $15. 

I think that if your organization is cute and inspires you might just stay with it!

 So thats what i did got something not so Cute and made it mine!

 I have wanted one for a while and I am thrilled with the outcome!

 Starting to prime the wood with KILZ white water based paint.

 all primed and ready to paint!

I took it outside and spray painted it with dover white.

 I didnt want new hardware I just wanted to darken it.

To keep the stain on I had to spray the tops a little with metallic spray paint.

I took a putty knife and roughed it up a bit. 

I love how it looks!
its going in my office/treadmill room...i do want to change the red wall but for now its a great reminder of being brave 4 years ago when we built our home.


You may be wondering why If everything else in the room is black why I painted it white?

 Well I loved all my black furniture when I painted it years ago...and I still like black but I want to change it up slowly.

  I am thinking of repainting my black desk to Grey.

hope this inspires you to do a little organizing!

xoxo,             heidi

thanks for the link up ladies!


  1. Hey I finally found your blog! Too cute. Glad to see you are still roughin' things up a bit. :)

  2. Such a fantastic project!! I love that you roughed it up!! =)

  3. Hi Heidi! thanks so much for visiting me today!
    Your file cabinet turned out great! Nice transformation :)

  4. I have the exact same cabinet! I'm working on getting it primed and ready for paint. But, I can't decide on the paint color. Gray seems like a good idea but I also am thinking of going just a bit crazy and making it turquoise. Any suggestions?

  5. Obxbchgrl,

    Thats funny you are working on this right now. I love statement colors. WHy not turqouise? I will ask what colors are in the room you are putting it in? Also what color do you want to stand out in the room? What about grey with a damask stencil motif in turqouise? You can just do the top of it. Good Luck

  6. I would say you are one organized lady. In high style even. Great job, like the white. Ginger


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