Awesome necklace. This necklace goes perfectly with so many outfits and looks great alone or with layered necklaces. Thank you Heidi!
                                                                                         Amber,  Washington

i received your wonderful pocket watch necklace. i love it! i can't wait to review it. i'll plan the post on april 13th. thanks again!!              xo. marta, Idaho

Thank you so much for my necklace! I'm wearing it today and love it!
Have had several compliments on it, too!                      Leslie, Texas

I love wearing my Chick Hardware jewelry! It's fun to wear something unique that no one else has . . . which also makes it great for gift giving. I always get compliments on how cute my jewelry is because if it's not Chick Hardware, I'm not wearing it! Love, love, love it!                                                            Sabrina, Utah

I love everything that I have ever purchased from Chick Hardware.  It is always unique and original jewelry that you can't find anywhere else!  I always have people coming up to me asking where they can find the jewelry I am wearing.  I love that everything can be made custom to your exact liking and fitting.  If it's not right the first time she will change it until it is exactly what you were hoping for.                      Katie, Utah

Wow, so many beautiful pieces!
I got the necklace I ordered in the mail yesterday (for my mom) and it's as beautiful as I thought it would be! Thank you!                                  Ariana, Arizona

I absolutely LOVE your jewelry! And this is coming from a non-jewelry wearer. I love how unique each piece is. I love the style. And I love how every time I wear something from your store everyone always asks me where I got it. Just lots of love all the way around! Thanks so much!                                                 ---ginnie, Utah

Love it. Wore it last night after getting it in the mail, One of my favorite pieces!
                                                                                      Nancy, Arizona

I am super excited about this necklace - already trying to figure out what outfit will be worn for the first wearing :) I just wanted to let you know that I got the necklace yesterday - it is beautiful! I'm so excited to get to show it off very soon :) Thanks again! You do really lovely work!                                               Sarah, Tennessee

Everytime I wear a piece from chick hardware I get a compliment on it.Then when they ask how my much I paid for it they are always shocked...in a good way of course! Chick hardware is the perfect blend of good fashion and a good price.                                                                Kensie, Utah

Thank you so much -- beautiful -- cannot wait for my friend to open it for her birthday i just purchased one and i'm so looking forward to wearing it!!

 merci beaucoup!

I LOVE my new pocketwatch necklace! It has a nice weight to it without being too heavy and the chain is the perfect length. I love it even more in real life than in the picture. Thank you so much!                                 Karen, Utah

Hey Heidi!!

I received my newest piece of treasured jewelry in the mail yesterday. I LOVE my owl pocket watch - SWEET - and the designs with the flowers and scrolls is sooo my style which, of course, I LOVE. This piece suits me entirely and I am so so thankful to have it!!                                                                                  Bianca, Iowa

      Thanks so much for making me a necklace.  As soon as I saw the one you did for my daughter I knew I had to have one.  Thanks so much!  Its Beautiful.
                                                                                                      Ann, Utah

Very lovely necklace! I am happy with this purchase
                                                                              Brittany, Canada


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