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        My Name is Heidi Beck.    I am the  Creative Designer of  Chick Hardware. A Unique Ecclectic design Collection.  I love to make Jewelry. The look on a clients face when they see a piece they can't live without makes my day.   I think a piece of Jewelry needs to be Unique to YOUR OwN style.  It needs a story behind it and why you love it.  I have done many Custom Pieces for My returning Jewelry lovers.  I LOVE It when I hear someone say "Where'd you get that?"  Some of my favorite materials to use are Vintage inspired lace, silver, Crystal, Gemstones, Antique pieces of Jewelry I have taken apart and many others.   I hope my Jewelry is Loved for Many years to come!

        I Am Also A Nut who loves to laugh!  That is why I CReAtE To keep my mind busy and Sane!  I LOve a PROjEct!  We have remodeled one home and now are living in a home that we SUb-Contracted out to build.    We did alot of the work ourselves.  We even rocked the fireplace to save over $400 dollars!
My husband is the A successful craftsman. He owns Beck's Countertops where he creates beautiful kitchens.
I love decorating, Interior Design, Fashion, Chick HArdware Jewelry, Re-Upholstering Furniture, Re-Finishing and Painting Furniture, A Good Healthy Meal, a treat every now and again, and turning TraSh into something I will TReasuRe for Years to come. 

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