My Jewelry

                                            Charms and Stones Necklace

                                               Summer Peace Necklace
 Large Filigree Pocket Watch Necklace
Large Floral Filigree Pocket Watch Necklace
 Small Eiffel Tower Pocket watch necklace

Skeleton Key Watch Necklace
Small Silver window pocket watch necklace

Audrey Hepburn Pocket Watch Necklace
Medium Crown Pocket Watch Necklace
Silver Ball Pocket Watch Necklace

Small SIlver Crown Pocket Watch Necklace
Medium Floral Silver Pocket Watch Necklace
Antique Brass BirdCage Watch
New Antique brass pocket watch

Mama Bird Necklace, lower case stamping font!

This is the Jewelry that i make by hand. Most of my PiEceS  are ONE of a kind. Everything is created by me through inspiration in fashion, decorating styles and colors, magazines and so forth.  It all over-laps. I always have my EYe out for all things new and exciting. Please let me know what you think...If you are looking for something in particular or want something very Unique and Custom let me know! You can also visit I have some designs on Etsy. I also have hundreds of designs that i sell through retail locations and through my shop at home.


 Interchangeable bracelet

Where it 3 ways Necklace

Thanks for looking and for any feedback!


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