Friday, October 1, 2010

HaLLoWeEn!!!!! get your thinking cap on ladies!

this is an old candle holder i found at a thrift store. I sprayed it black added the candles. The candles are white and then i added the red (blood) with a tea lite votive by drippin it on the top. this is next to my front door.

MY ENTRY TABLE... first i got some sconces and added the candles with blood. left to right...i purchased the ANCESTOR PHOTO at the dollar store and glued it to an existing frame i already had that was sprayed black just to make it look like it wasnt so cheap. BIRDCAGE -i sprayed it green because i wanted it to pop! Purple would be awesome too! then i found a crow glued in place added ribbon ta dah! next is the CANDY DISH i found body parts at the grocery store that look like fingers cut off and ear lobes. WITCH PICTURE was soo easy I found this at the $ store too. It was originally a floor mat for your door. NOt to cute so i cut it up found a frame, sprayed the frame black. The mat was super bright and i like the look of something old than new so i took some black adder paint and a spray bottle added water and then sprayed on the mat...waited til dry and done. Add cobwebs after all is put in place!

Fire place....LEFT TO right. the candleabra was so ugly so i sprayed it black added the blood candles and done. the BOOKS i sprayed some old ugly books black and then wrote on them with white out. i added a ton of crows because they looked so creepy! I am starting to get excited for HALLOWEEN now!

My favorite the BIRD CAGE!

notice the broom stick hanging ready for FLight at any moment! ha

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