Wednesday, January 12, 2011

pocket watches

I have a variety OF pocket watches available now! Most pop open to a watch inside.
A- round silver ball about the size of a golf ball
B- Medium silver engraved floral
c- (not shown in photo) Medium antique brass engraved floral
D- bird cage,antique brass(brown) with clock on bottom with bird inside
E- Large eiffel tower antique brass
F- Small silver crown
G- Medium antique brass crown
H- Large Owl antique brass
I- Small owl antique brass
J- SmaLL Audrey Hepburn opens to watch face and a mirror

When ordering please list what pocket watch you want!  Check out my Etsy shoppe for ordering!  Click the Image to view detail!!!


  1. Heid - which is your favorite? I am torn between the birdcage and the big owl, although leaning toward the big owl. Thoughts??

  2. Well i will say i love both!! But if i were to choose i would choose the Owl. The reason is the birdcage is adorable but the watch face isnt threaded into the cage It does stay in place but its not as secure as i need for my kids. And it does have to come out to set the time and time change too. I taped mine in but i thought maybe glue...see why i like the other a little better less drama!


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