Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Got my Thrift On

Every now and again a girl needs to shop.  As much as I love to shop for clothes and other things. (I heart Target).
I love to Go looking for a bargain and a sweet little pROject. 

SO heres a few Pictures of items I left at the store and some I couldn't resist!

Loved these chairs!!! If I wouldve had a truck i probably wouldve bought these.

I already have 2 chairs to re-upholster and I will not allow myself to buy another til I get those done!

I will get those chairs done sooner if I wont allow myself to buy more. 

 SOme type of psychology....hope it works.
Did I mention I LOVE ME some Chairs! all kinds just love 'em 

I Just got some New charms for charm bracelets & charm Necklaces.

 I bet you cant guess what they look like??

this is a custom Charm necklace that i did for a client. 

 SHe had a piece of an old key and some charms from when she had her boys.

 I added the rest. Her personality fits it to a T!

Girl you got it goin on

Okay so I left this too...200 dollars is WAAY to much to pay for it at a thrift store.

well in my opinion 

I think its a score for 100 though. Its obviously in good shape and has a mirror.

I would have loved to buy this for Averys room.

It would be so beautiful all off white and shabby chic.  Or a beautiful statement color too. oooh I love it

these were school seats....

I dont have a place for these but they would be neat somewhere!

I didnt get any of these either but I liked the one on the left. 

 I love milk glass.
I couldve done something definately shabby to this!

  these chairs could come to life with a coat of paint and some new fabric. 

 I am a sucker for wicker.

These chairs are very similar to what mine looked like before the Re-do
 check out what they look like now here

So the wait is over...................................

This Is What I took HOMe

I got this dresser with these really neat drawer pulls, they are square and I love them!
 I will be re-doing this dresser as soon as it gets a bit warmer.

I did take this lamp home.

Do you love the roses on the glass?

not so much...

but i do love everything else about it!
I also got a paper towel holder, a milky white glass lamp and another lamp that looks promising.

when I get these done YOu will be the first to see EM!


Much love.................heidi


  1. Fun fun fun! Can't wait to see the finished products and get inspired!

  2. Oooo, it looks like you have yourself a grand old time.

  3. This is an amazing blog!
    These finds are awesome! I love going to thrift stores. I have a thrifty thursdays party that you should come join sometime!


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