Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Peek

           Charmed I'm Sure                                  Bright future                      
mustard earrings

                   red coral rose                                            grey, cream and brown
                               navy/black crystal                      SPRING necklace
                                                                                 you gotta check out the price
                                     creamy drop                            4 way baubles
                        Emerald green                                Spring bliss bracelet

My friend told me I needed a Real Photo of myself. 

 Not one I took off someones wedding photo!    
lol ...just sayin

As women do we ever have a descent photo of ourselves?? Or is it Just me?

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  1. Wow, so many beautiful pieces!
    I got the necklace I ordered in the mail yesterday (for my mom) and it's as beautiful as I thought it would be! Thank you!
    You are gorgeous, too! I love that photo :)

  2. I LoVE it all! You have some great new pieces.

  3. I need a pair of the creamy drops? Are those like the ones Tiff wore on Saturday. Marvelous Darling, simply marvelous!!!

  4. These are gorgeous! The bracelets are my favorite. They're so pretty and unique!

  5. Ohhh....girl!!! You are at 99 followers!!! Yeah!!

    I have NO decent photo of myself which is why my profile pic is of my feet kickin back and relaxin!


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