Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am Back. Hooray and cant wait to see what you think. Hutch before and after

So we moved and my Internet has not worked for over 2 months.
I have felt so disconnected from my friends.
I am very happy to be back.
I did enjoy the summer and have a new project to show off.

The Before is just a regular old oak china hutch
.  My sister in law has been wanting to do something different with her hutch for a while now. 
I have been so busy that its taken me a while to get out to her house to help. 
 (she lives 2 hours away from me) 

I love the finished rustic Turquiose Hutch.
  It makes me smile:)

Hope you love it too!

And I will be linking this up. thanks ladies


  1. OH good, you're back! :) I was beginning to think you'd never be back. The cabinet looks awesome, great job! Glad you had a great summer!

  2. SOOOO Cute! Oh, I love the color! I am dying to find an old hutch somewhere to do! LOVE IT! You did a fantastic job!

    Natalie from

  3. love the rustic wash
    of greens

    she looks like a brand new
    after her makeover!



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