Sunday, October 30, 2011

My baby turned 2

Here she is
  Love her to the moon and back.

That night we celebrated with Homemade Chili, yummy Breadsticks, Salad and for dessert
THESE yummy Pumpkin Cupcakes.

         I got the recipe for these via.  These pumpkin cupcakes are sooo good and pretty simple too.

Then we celebrated the next day with a Carrott Cake and homemade Cream cheese frosting.

I got the recipe here. 

THe story.

This little sweetheart was a surprise to our family...I wanted more children just not quite so close in ages.
 My son had just turned one when I found out (i had an IUD)

So the day I went and got a pregnancy test I was driving back from the store and I told my husband on the phone, " I am either Crazy or I'm Pregnant."

After I took the test

I was both!

To my sweet Girl:
 I wouldn't change a thing
I am so blessed everyday to have a little girl as sweet as you.

Me and Daddy love you little one. 
So glad you are ours. 

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