Sunday, November 27, 2011

what have you been up to Heidi?


I have been so busy making new designs for the BIG Black Friday shopping! 

 I just re-stocked Shaybees in Springville and also 56 West in Spanish Fork. 

 I hope you will love the new designs.

Also I went black Friday shopping myself...dared the crowds at Walmart and Yes
 I did get shoved into a display of WII games. 

..ohh what a night and morning we had.  A 5 hour energy and Rock Star DRINK were what kept me awake and some pretty entertaining WoMen. 

A Merry Christmas comes but once a year. Y'all. 

Hope you all had a great ThanksGiving. 

I did.  I was in charge of the rolls...I felt this was the first year I haven't been in charge of the veggie tray.  I kinda felt like a big Girl.  They turned out really Great.  My friend shared the recipe with me...I will have to see if she cares if I share it with you?

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