Monday, January 2, 2012

Is it a bird or an Owl?

THis is my little girl.   I know talking about Halloween is kinda weird right now but I want to tell you what I did.  I was way to lazy/busy to do it around the time of Halloween.  SO I am being super prepared for the next Halloween.


So I made her costume from a Idea I got from a pattern from COuntry Living.

I will share the link with you here.

 This is the crowd we had.  

 A Owl, Bumblebee and Super Man. 

         What a Mix.

I love Super Man's face...he is super tough. 

                                          Oh they are a fun bunch!

How I came up with the hat....

I just Googled a bunch of pictures.
 And came up with a plan. 
 It was super easy.

I used felt for the eyes and beak. 
I used hot glue and then sewed a criss cross stitch around all the parts.

 This is the picture to the link.

I found for the pattern of the leaves.

Here is the Hat up-close.

If you want a EASY unique costume.  I suggest you try it.  I used an old shirt that was a little long for under the feathers.  Then i just used a sock hat.  I think I had all the materials on hand.  Just the project I love most!

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  1. Cutest costume I have ever seen. I want to wear it. And Avery is gorgeous. Love you!


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