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A new Addition

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Instagram photo....who is doing this?  I think its fun :)

THe Story.....

        I bought this little beauty at a thrift store that is now out of business.  I think I paid $15.  I know a steal.  Right?  Well it didnt look quite like this when I bought it.  It was in bad shape with a BAD paint job.  Someone tried to re-paint it themselves and Didnt do it properly.  THey painted it with a high-gloss black paint.  Well the paint didnt stick to the wood grain finish.
     THis table/console is one of those that was made super heavy duty but the finish was a medium brown with a high gloss clear coat.

WHen you have a piece of furniture that has this kind of surface you cant just paint it.  You have to Sand it.  Create something for the paint to stick to.  Teeth between each coat.  Hard Work....boy dont I know it.  THis piece of furniture took some major time and elbow grease.

But since Its therapy for me to get my hands dirty every-now and again....I do it.  and LOVE it.  Plus I get to look at this everyday.

I fell in love with the design of the clovers the doors.  Is this the trellis pattern?  Not sure what you call it.  But I love it.  And I am pretty sure there isn't too many of these around...which I love even more.  Not something you will see at your local furniture store.  :)  I love unique pieces of furniture that is a conversation piece.!

OH yes It is functional.....I stick my towels in it that wont fit in the drawer in my bathroom.  I know the towels look thrown in.  But at one time they were folded..... One day my closets will be photo worthy. 

Na.  Who am I kidding.  Its not really in me to stay organized for long.  I like to haul out all my crap and create.  Way more fun than cleaning.  :)

I know everyone has there own philosophy on how to paint wood.  So this is mine.

What I did

Take off all doors and the all Hardware

(I put it all in a plastic bag and label it to the furniture so I don't forget)

Sanded .sanded and sanded

FOr this piece I Tried to keep the dark wood underneath as much I could.  (I tried not to sand through the existing stain) so that when I distress the wood the dark will show through

I sprayed this with a latex paint/primer from Walmart.
  Better homes and Gardens
not sure the color but If you are interested I can find out.the can is at the shop. :)
  I like the eggshell finish so that I can Lacquer on top of the coats.  And create a semi-glossy finish of clear coat.

I painted several coats probably 4. 
The wood was really hard to work with.
  I could only spray thin layers or it would run and leave drip marks.

In between each layer I sanded with a light sand paper prob 150

I used my Paint sprayer that I bought from Harbor Freight.  Do you have this store near you? 

It sprays Latex if You water it down.  I do about 1part water to 3 parts paint.

Its a fabulous store.  I buy several tools there.

i Use a Industrial air compressor to run the paint sprayer. 

Did I mention my husband runs Beck's Countertops?

If you need Granite, Solid Surface and or Laminate....Tyler is your guy!
been in business since 2004.
Utah based company

That is why we have the equipment for this job.

Then after the last coat of paint is dry....

I glazed it with a dark walnut from Jones Paint and Glass. 

Old Masters If you wanna know what kind.

Let dry.

Some spots were to dark and looked dirty so I sanded through it in some parts.

Attach new hardware

This piece I didn't lacquer....yet.

I was told it wouldn't stick to the glaze. 

silly boys.

Yet another example of how everyone has a different opinion of how to get the same finished product.

So for now I am happy with it.

In the future I am going to lacquer at least the top so that its more KId proof.

When your 2 year old gets a hold of a permanent marker.  YOu will be glad you put a shiny clear coat on it!

From personal experience :)
THanks for stopping by.

xoxo, Heidi

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