Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finders keepers

                                This Lampshade was being thrown away.....I saved it.

The Lamp was a purchase at a Thrift store. just a few bucks.

  I spray painted it with a coat of my favorite brand of SPray Paint.  Rustoleum!!! 

  If you have a choice in the colors I suggest getting covers so much better than the others I have tried. 

The color is Lagoon.

 I added some ruffles.  
12 to be exact measuring a little less than 2 inches across and the length was 2 yards. 

 I used a ruffle foot....or what ever you call it on my bernina sewing machine. 
 It went pretty fast.  
Then I hot glued it in place. 

 Last month for a Party my Ward Relief Society ( my Church group) needed some decor so I made some banners and connected them with these flowers.
  I had them hanging around so I added them to the lamp with pins.

Oh did I show you the table before and afters?
  I will once I can get the before picture off my phone...its not connecting.
  Probably because I never installed the software.  Maybe I will text it to my husband who then can send it since he has a smart phone and I dont.  :)

Hope you are getting ready to enjoy the summer.  I am ready to get a tan and enjoy lazy days at the pool.

thanks. xo


  1. So so cute! I looove Rustoleum paint too, it's the only kind I use. It sprays so much nicer than the other kinds. I saw that color a while back and I keep wanting to buy some, but I don't have anything to paint at the moment. I need to hit up some thrift stores!

  2. I was just out looking at some of the sites that my newest follower, follows and I came across your crafty blog. I am so excited to met you and have been enjoying your clever and cute lampshade, as well as some of your other re-dos.
    Please come over and check my blog out. I would love to have you follow.
    Have a marvelous weekend.
    From one creative gal to another . . . your newest follower #120 . . .Connie :)


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