Sunday, January 30, 2011

ThRIft Store finds

 so i found a lamp 5 dollars, a antique scale 1.50,  a ern 8.00, white plates 1.00 each i got 4, two sconces with some interesting pineapples on them 5.00,  a ceramic ball .80,  a retro vintage calendar 4.00, some random things from the dollar store. oh a glass crystal candle holder .80
 marked 3.oo but 50% off
 I am soo excited to show you what i am going to do with the ern. Ohh and i got this banister wood thing for 1.oo too i have an idea for that
 I also got a new paint brush for the projects
 I love the lamp!! Excited to show you what i am goin to do with it!
This is off my kitchen in the mud room...I put up my huge calendar.It has had some miles put on it which i love that its not brand new looking. My guess it probably 3ft by 2ft.  One of my Goals in life with 3 kids is staying Organized. I think this will help not just me but maybe, just maybe, my husband will see what the schedule looks like (once in a while thats all Im asking) :)since it is right by the garage.

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