Thursday, February 24, 2011

Changing things up a bit

A little bit Americana feeling right? I got these from my sister.

  She was sick of these and i loved them. 

Also i was house poor.

I needed some Decor so she passed them to me and i passed her some free jewelry.

LoL !!

this is a photo of My kitchen a year ago.  Since then i have made a few changes.

  I painted the bottom of my table off white this summer.

I know i need a photo of that and with my new chairs.
Where i got the idea???
So if you have ever watched "What nOt to wear" 

you have heard its not you that has to change for Clothes. 

It's the Clothes that need to Change for you!
She says this because they believe in having your clothes altered by a seamstress.

 To fit your body appropriately so that it flatters your figure.

Well that's what I have come to the conclusion with Home Decor. 

It didnt work for me in the colors they were. 

SO I got out my small paint brushes and went to work.

Its true that if you have the RIght Tool any Job is Do-Able.
If you can't tell i love the show W.N. T. W.
I have these antique Salt & Pepper shakers (bottom of photo) that gave me the

inspiration for the turquoise.  Love these too.
I also put some turquoise in the Fleur de lis.

Or as some say "boy scout symbol". 

I will say when these became Popular.....well i didn't like them. 

Then i looked up what it meant.  It means something about royalty.  blah blah blah. 

Well after that definition I started warming up to it.  PS i love the way this turned out>

And here is the old Valence....still cute but too muted for the new kitchen.

I added some trim to the bottom the same way i did the ones for my CHAIRS Here.

I found this at JoAnns fabric while shopping with a friend.  

50% off baby I love a good deal!

I also painted my Home sweet Home sign white.
This photo is a showing the tool that saved my life. 

I do Not know what its called but it holds the measurement so you don't have to keep

finding that 1/4" spot or whatever you are measuring.
I just made up my own pattern.  Measure your window and then add enough if

 you want it to have a little bit of a fold or wrinkle in the valence. 

Add 1/4 inch for inseams on each side.

This is the same print from my chairs

I had to incorporate them and bring them together.

I sewed these down onto the top of the Valence for the curtain rod bar to fit into it.

I also put a cording trim on the bottom.
These TINS are from hobby lobby.   The tins have been around for awhile and I have

loved them forever but nothing ever stood out to me other than a magnet tin sign. 
But i was wanting something New and Cheap.

I was done with Rustic/Western and wanted Vibrant new pillows and Color!  SO I took down my sign over the window
( I apologize to my husband)
 and tried to think of something new and fun to put up without running around town

looking for the perfect shades of my room

THis is what they looked like at the store.  

 Paint those bad boys!

My painting mess.
I did stain the green and turquoise ones to deepen the colors.

In this photo you can see my rug....The inspiration for it all. 

I look at this rug ( i picked this rug up at Ross for 29$ in the summer) and it makes

me happy :)
On the opposite wall of the couch you see...

I painted the shelf and changed the Quilt. 

Did i ever tell you aspire to be a great Quilter.

 (just one of my many bucket list goals)

I also painted my primitive HOME blocks.  Because i love these!
wORK In progress.
New paint and a new fun colored quilt. 

My M. in L. made this for my baby girl and i found it hiding in her closet. 

 I think she must have reAlly made it for me not Avery.  :)

New pillows....i will get to these a little later but i like what i have so far. 

I did buy the one on the end at walmart. 

I saw it one day.

 I  locked it in the Vault!

thats code for the area in my brain under Inspiration LOVE,

love, loVe it! 

Then i found a purpose to buy that pillow, took me a few days.

So glad i did!

yOU CAN SEE the old sign above the window
The Elk and star are no longer on the wall anymore...the window is up with the wreath.

Maybe if i get BRAVE and clean up the WHole room i will take a photo of the profile. 

 You see my husband promised to build me a entertainment center with book

 shelves...but well that is another day and post. So under the window is Not Quite what

i want but its a working progress.I hope soon! I will show you my sketches and ideas. 

Did i ever tell you I love Ikea?  Well my husband doesn't.  He wants a entertainment

center out of Real wood and well you know....I agree. 

But its hard to be patient.

Am I right? help a sister out...

 My window that my dear friend gave me for my Birthday.  Thanks Sabrina!! love it.

I just recently got the wreath from Tai Pan.  Hung it with ribbon.
Also you can see my sweet baby girl in the corner of the photo.
I will be adding more pillows and possibly a How to.  So check back with us!

Hope you love it!
xoxo- heidi

thanks for the link up ladies!


  1. Have I ever told you how much I love your kitchen? It knocks my socks off. I love all these changes - they look AMAZING!! I love the color choices and the turquoise and green - AH MAN! Also I love seeing the lamp in the room. It looks REALLY good. Love it all Heid. You're awesome!

  2. I LOVE LoVe LOVE the pillows! You really are one crafty lady..........I still think you need to lose the elk head. It just doesn't go. hee hee

  3. Super fabulous, my friend. Hey, I like how you changed the font to your post titles.

  4. I really like your home decor style! I love the use of color. So many bloggers are going for more of a white washed look and I have been missing the pops of color! Love it!

  5. Thanks girls for the comments!
    I have sort of been baptised by the white wash love too! I think its bright and clean looking but i cant live without BrigHT fun colors surrounding me! I am slowly trying to get rid of my black and incorporate more white, since it does go better with my white base and crown molding anyways! You will see my black and red soon transforming!
    xoxo heidi


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