Monday, February 14, 2011

My New Old Chairs....hope you love them as much as i do! oh and Happy Valentines day

Can i say 1 thing.....
 If you want to change your decor first thing i would do is shop!  But dont buy anything. Collect swatches and figure out what you want your space to look like.  What is your color scheme?  What Inspires you?  What colors are you drawn to?  DOnt know?  Go to the fabric store and look at the beautiful decorating fabrics.  Joanns has quite a big selection, Home Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and Hancock fabrics are some of my favorites.

this is the chair before the redo

 remember this old gal?  Well i have 4 of these.  They were a medium brown with these beautiful yellow gold velvet cushions....can you picture it?  they were lets just say pretty! My mother in law gave them to me to use for my dining table chairs.  (thank you kristy...i love them)My dining room table is a antique passed down from generation to generation then to me! I love old stuff that still works and looks new and updated.
 naked cushion
 I tore off the old Yellow velour and used the piping cording for my new cushions.  I think thats called upcycling? lol
 In this photo you can see the brown color of the wood, I am into off-white lately. Its just fresh and bright.

 the yellow and black pliers are what i used to rip out all the staples
 Cut your fabric in length to allow to fit around the cushion. I ironed it in half about 3 1/2 inches
 I was told that a zipper foot would have been nice to do this with but since this isnt my machine (my mom let me borrow it) I made due with what i had.  See the cording(white) just tuck it in and sew....easy
 I have an electric stapler and you just make a pattern up with the cushion you have and decide where you want the pleats and tucks....make sure they are the same on all the chairs.

 this is the back of a completed one. not pretty but thats just how they all look?  right? lol I stapled the cording around the edges and can see i even used the selvage of the fabric on the under side. I try to use all the fabric i can to not waste!

 this is a corner of the chair and you can see my fabric. i love this lime green color perfect for my floral bright rug.

 IMPORTANT>...i have 3 kids plus i watch 2 others some have to scotch gard your fabric. All that work and your kids can ruin it in one day!
2 down 2 to go!!!  the Paint.....I sprayed one coat of white primer on all the chairs....this was a waste of time.  SO then i primed it by hand one chair at a time. I used kilz water based primer 2 coats of that (let dry between coats) and then i sprayed an off white for the finishing color. I am still going to send these to my husbands countertop shop to get a spray of laquer.  i distressed the edges a little and thats it!

This is what i woke up to today! (my heart pitter patters) My sweet cowboy is the best! I am so blessed to have him in my life. (even if we have our bad days)He helps me when i get a little stressed and he loves me even if i am a crazy lady with all these ideas! It's been 7 years to the day he asked to marry me (in his little 1970's honda oh the good ole' days with the great gas mileage. Love you babe hope we have many more v-days together.

thanks for the link up ladies!


  1. These turned out so cute. I love them! The green looks great.

  2. Love this green/white combo!!! Great chair makeover, saw you on Vintage Revivals

  3. I love the fabric with the chairs. I've been on the lookout for a chair to paint and recover. I just painted my first piece of furniture this week, and I love it. Great work.

  4. I love this fabric! I'm a new follower. I'd love for you to follow back!

  5. Thank you for linking up this great post last week! {Im a lil behind, eeekk!}

    Its party time AGAIN!!! xoxokara


  6. this is awesome! i love the fun color on the chair! i have a set of 6 chairs that i have had for a year and a half very similar to this. i really need to get my butt in gear and paint them, but i hate painting chairs! :)

  7. Niiiiice job! What a little ingenuity can do.

    P.S. Hang on to that hubby of your. How sweet!


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