Saturday, February 19, 2011

I've got some Bad News and some Good News

This is the bad news i bought this blouse a month or so ago.  I got Paint on it.  I thought that it would have to become one of those shirts you can only where with something else like a  big flower or jacket. (very limiting) What happened was I got a  little anxious and started a painting project without changing into paint clothes.

 So i decided to call my M. in Law and ask her what she suggested to get it out? (because she is the QUEEN of stain removal) She suggested Spot Shot.  Have you heard of this?  Well I have.  Did I ever tell you about the time my little 2 year old boy wrote with permanent black marker on my friends BRAND NEW white Couch? (this story is for another day) but i did use Spot shot and it all came out!!! ANd saved our friendship :)  thank goodness i dont know what i would do without you Carrie.
 this photo is to show the tag....Charlotre Russe one of my FAvoRite stores!
 This is what i ended up using....I started with spot shot and it didnt get it ALL out so i remembered the time when my kids spilled acrylic paint on my carpet.  I used the Totally Awesome cleaner.  I sprayed  it on, let it set for a minute and wiped it out with a clean rag.  It came out of the carpet so i thought what the heck try that too.
The Good News:  It came out!  I was soo excited.  1. i can use my new shirt again 2. i didnt have to drive over and defeatedly ask my M. in Law to fight the stain. (sometimes i like to do things myself)   and 3. One less thing to worry about

hope this helps....I bought both of these cleaners at the local Dollar Tree

xoxo --heidi

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