Thursday, February 17, 2011

What I wore Wednesday.

Quote of the day! (this quote is from stacy, One  of the hosts from What not to wear with Stacy and Clinton): Don't get hung up on the size. If you feel bad about yourself because a 12 is what fits, take a Sharpie, and write '6' on the label. 
       I read this and started to laugh.  I love that girl.  I also love What Not to Wear. Its what gets me through post baby weight and the thoughts of "I dont know whats in style and what will look good?"  For me the show is a treat....kinda like a Diet Coke with lime and maybe a little dark chocolate on the side.  Now if while i was watching the show, A man brings me these things on a tray saying "Will that be all miss"?  Now that would BE something! HA!  I get giddy when i see a new episode has been recorded on my DVR
      So i love this years fashion.  Alicia from chic on a shoe string said," Buy cardigans, buy them in all colors!"  Well i love cardigans too!   This is one of my cardigans...a boyfriend type.  It works for me because it has a deep V.  I have linebacker shoulders you see.  I inherited them from my father just like the red hair i received from my mother.   LOL!!! So my body type looks great with a deep V. (or at least i think so)Now this is also the case if you have a large chest...I dont have this problem.  :(
   Also i cannot wear shoulder pads or any detail to accentuate my linebacker shoulders.  I look like i am going to fall over.
    What body type do i have?  Well i think its similar to straight. I am not very curvy thats why i wear belts at my true waist.  To show that i do have a narrower spot on my body. 
One thing i have been working on my entire life is to accept my body for what it is....Tall, big shoulders, red hair (i had a harder time with this in elementry school) I think to myself  my body is healthy and i am grateful for that. These days not many can say that and i am thankful that i can.
I will say that i do have a little girl now who is one.  I know that i will be an example to her. Whether i like it or not. I can show her how to feel about every flaw we feel we may have.  I hope that i can show her how to love herself for what our Heavenly father gave her....because she is perfect in MY eyes and His!

I read this post again and it sounds like i am an amazon woman! ha ha ha

*I am no expert on fashion just a hobbiest you could say....dont judge.

xoxoxo,       heidi

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  1. WORKIN it!! Why don't you just grab me one of everything you buy when your out shopping. Thanks. Wink.



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