Friday, February 11, 2011

A little Pink goes along way

 Do You remember the Urn i got the other day....biG plans, I have BIG plans

 I was lucky i bought this foam at dollar tree a little while ago and i needed it. It was a wreath form but i just cut it up to fit!

 THis is  a bad photo but you get the hint of what it looked like before the Topiary was done!
 I also painted the barn wood frame with my cute grandpa in it.  This photo is very sentimental to me.  My gpa was a cowboy back in the day and this photo was taken in the 1930's. I never met the man...he died the year i was born, I actually have never met any of my blood grandpas so i look forward to meeting this cowboy one day. I have a special place in my HeaRt for them you know(i married one)
 I made a V-day Banner that can stay up through spring....I like to get more bang for my buck that way.
 I had soo much fun making it!  just out of scrap paper i had and then i bought the pom poms and bias tape and sewed them.  I also used my Hot glue gun...for those of you crafters who dont know there are low temp guns out there super cheap and they dont give you blisters.

 this is my topiary all done. I am in L.O.V.E.
Hope it inspires your little crafting Heart to get goin!! i crack myself up!


  1. Love the mantle. Super cute banner and I love the new pink accent. So cute. Keep it comin' baby.

  2. Heid - you are soooo talented!!! The mantle looks awesome. I always loved that cowboy picture on your mantle, but never knew it was your grandpa. Now I like it even more! Awesome woman! Love ya!

  3. Heidi,
    You are so freaking talented! Your house always looks so cute.

  4. I love your rosette wreath and topiary!! I want to copy you!! ADORABLE!! Where did you get your stand for the topiary? I just recieved a cute birdie necklace with an 2 egg nest for my birthday from Jacie. Love her, and now I have added your cute blog to mine! Cute stuff! Love it.

  5. Chelsea,
    SO glad you love your mama bird necklace! Jacie is a dear friend. love her to bits. I got the topiary urn from Savers. You can see what it used to look like in the thrifty decorating. YOu will have to share what you come up with!


  6. Super cute! I love that pop of pink on your mantel and it looks great next to that cowboy pic. Thanks for linking up!


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