Saturday, April 2, 2011

What I woRe.....something a little fun.

So I have been feeling a little Cardiganned out lately....not a word but I think you get my Idea.  I have been loving these blazers.  When I watch my local TV shows/talk shows....the contributors who look polished to me always wear a blazer/Jacket or Cardigan.  The reason?  It makes your outfit look more put you really put some thought into what you wore. 

I bought this blazer because I needed something that would make me feel a little more polished... A tad bit more dressy?

I dunno but I Loved the price tag...My friend mentioned that they had seen some cute clothes in Sears and yes she was right!

Black Blazer -  Sears
Animal print blouse-  Charlotte Russe
Jeans-  DownEast
Silver shoes-  Target
                                   Jewelry-  Chick Hardware

Hope you have a Great Weekend!  I know I will we have been having Fabulous weather in Utah.

xoxo,          heidi


  1. Workin it! Love the new jelwery on ETSY. I want to get myself a few things...

  2. Oh I love Charlotte Russe! Too bad the nearest one is over an hour and a half away. Love the outfit you are rocking it!


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