Monday, April 4, 2011

Design class at OsMond Designs

The Other night my sister and I went to a Interior Design class.  It was at Osmond Designs.  (A local Interior design store)  I love to talk about Interior Design and Decorating. 
So I thought you would be interested too! 

Here a few things that I learned and/or thought about while I was there.

First off what is your style??? 

Well I don't know exactly what my style is called?
but I do know what I love........
  • Antiques (especially when i can make them my own with new paint/fabric)
  • Off white (shabby chic)....but I also love dark Walnut stains too! 
  • C.O.LO.R. it makes me happy and gives a space energy!
  • Crystal Chandelier/french country
  • Details...ruffles, trim. Ric rack, pom poms, feminine details...etc  
Oh and I loooVE Poppy Flowers and birds.

so what is that called  Modern Country Chic?

  I did learn that you can get half and double strengths of paint!
This I didnt know existed!  I am excited about it though.  This is such a helpful tip! You can use this when you need just a shade deeper or lighter of your favorite wall color. Or for the perfect color of trim?

Use 100% polyester fabrics when considering Upholstery.  Its more kid-friendly! So far I have relied on Scotch GaRd but this is helpful too.

This is the first thing you see when you enter their doors.  Beautiful to say the least.

We sat so  we stared at this little Room full of Eye Candy.  I Absolutely Love this Mirror!  The chunky frame and the color...ooh and did you Notice they hung it to bring your eye up.  smart ladies :)

I also love the dresser/entry table.  These colors are so Fabulous.

I had to show you this wall!!  This wall was one of my Favorite Ideas.  Its a small wall with a Huge Impact.  I love the color scheme...classic black and white and check out the mirror furniture!  Ooooh I might think about wallpaper differently now.

Loved this door.  Would be fun on your porch or as a decoration at a wedding...backdrop or card holder maybe?


I really liked this chair.  Its bold and I love a little pop of fun in every room.

Loved the chandelier, in the right space it would be so Beautiful.

I saw this metallic table.  I have seen some beautiful home made versions lately in the  blog world. I personally think this is really a neat look.  I think it would look great in a room with Mustard, off white and dark wood too. Oooh with some fun damask and chevron pillows.  Yes I would stay in that room.

I  love Me some upholstered chairs!

The details to this sofa....Oh my!  All the different  details I could take this home...well maybe not until my kids are in college :) lol!

I loved this bed spread as well.   I may have to go back and get this when Avery is in a twin bed.... I love the colors in it.

This pillow was sitting on a bed.  I am totally digging the flower pillows that are So IN style right now.

Thought this was cool that it looked like a bunch of drawers but it really only had 2. Also such a fun color!

 Some fun accessories....My sister has the colors of this frame in her home.  So darling.

I still love these dried flower arrangements too.  This one is perfect for a Spring Table.

I had to get some pictures of lamps in there too.  I am a sucker for lamps.  I had a Great night out with my sister. Thanks Angie!  I will be back soon. ANd I just noticed they have coupons in the Hometown Values magazine. SCORE right! 

Hope you enjoyed the Eye candy as much as I did!  What was your favorite???

Also you can go to for more!

xoxo,                        heidi

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  1. Heidi,
    How fun! I think we have similar tastes. :) Thanks for posting all the eye candy and inspiring!

  2. Hey! I saw your nice comment on my blog and had to come check yours out! I LOVE IT!!! You are a girl after my own heart, that store you went to is to die for! I'm totally digging that bedding, too. LOOVE the colors! I wonder if they have an online store...

  3.! I loooooove that sofa! I also have a lamp fetish. Lighting is so important to set a mood or ambiance.

  4. Lovin' everything in that store. Thanks for your sweet comment.

  5. Great blog post!
    Osmond Designs has classes coming up again!
    Check them out:


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