Thursday, January 27, 2011

I've been feelin' a little crafty

Okay so my sweet friend gave me a gift card to one of my favorite stores...Ross.  I went there looking. I spotted these they were 8.99 and 7.99 I think.  ANyway i hate the brown but i loved the fake crystal.  so i took it all apart to spray paint.
I took out these crazy clear flower petal
I primed them and also another set of candle sticks that were that ugly green and maroon. well not ugly then but not in style now.

I sprayed them silver.  what do you think about the new mantel?

then i made this rose bud wreath out of crepe paper. I got the idea from house of smiths.
It took 2 rolls of crepe paper and too much time but i love the finished product!
Now for my old but new to me dining room chairs i primed 3 times and painted white. Then i reupholstered the cushions more photos to come. PHew i am a little tired but still inspired!  I am thinkin something pink for valentines day!

1 comment:

  1. Heid - you have a great eye! You made those candle holders so chic! LOVE LOVE LOVE and I think I need to make one of those wreaths! Awesome! Post of my new necklace, that I LOVE and get SO many compliments on coming soon! Thank you again! :) Love you!


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