Friday, February 11, 2011

What I wore wednesday...(a little late)

So i love color and fashion.  I also love belts and accessories, hence the jewelry business. I sent this photo to a friend who has mad fashion sense and she ok'd it so i thought i would be free to put it up on my blog.  This is what i wore to a Jewelry party this week.  Dark skinny jeans with grey boots. Kelly green floral print with white cable knit cardi and a  belt. I also wore my kelly green stamped hoops (i wasnt done with hair and makeup at the time of the photo so i wouldnt let my husband do above my neck. HA! lol
    I am wearing my crown pocket watch and layered necklace as well. What do you think of the outfit that i planned out in my head for the Party. ( it took me all day to dream it up) :) 

Why is it so hard to have courage to try something New and fun? a new style of clothes or accessories? It took me along time to accecpt the skinny jeans. lol!  Is it we are afraid of being judged or looking like a fool.
Well here i am trying to look out of the box and not like a fool:) 


  1. Love the outfit. Are you kidding me... You ALWAYS look cute and way in style. I am proud of you for admitting that it's hard for you to think out of the box with clothes... I never would've guessed. You look super cute and I heart the green shirt and cardi with the belt.

  2. Where did you get those jeans?? I love them. You always are Hottie Heidi!

  3. Ang- Thanks girl i appreciate all the compliments i can get.

    Amber- LOL! HA you took me back to the good ole days for a minute. I got these jeans at Charlotte Russe, (one of my favorite stores) they are the everyday skinnys in dark denim i just got them for christmas so they should still have em

    love the comments girls

  4. Where did you get the green shirt... I think I need one.

  5. Sorry angie i got that shirt a few years ago....but i am sure you could find something similar. Downeast has new floral print shirts that i love


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